About us

Christine Laurendz
Julie Laurendz

We are a family kennel that breeds Australian shepherd. We are active in the dog show, I and christine exhibiting dogs.

We live in ørje. 10 minutts from sweden and 2 hours from oslo

We breed family dogs, we put great emphasis on the mentality and the dogs will be healthy.

We have currently four australian shepherds now. We live on a small farm, with seven sheep, two horses, a cat, a rabbit and four dogs.

Christine uses three of the dogs to herd sheep. I (Julie) active obedience training with two of the dogs. We are active in the dog show and have set out at Crufts (England), Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Gibraltar, Austria and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

If there are any questions please contact us.

Name: Christine Laurendz and Julie   Laurendz

adress: buerskogen, Ørje. Norway.

Mail: ch-laur@online.no

Phone: 0047 97066545